Tailings to be funded at $45M

At the Tuesday, Oct. 2 meeting of the Grand County Council, Council Chair Mary McGann reported that the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action project would be funded at $45 million in the recent appropriations bill for fiscal year 2019.

“President Donald Trump signed into the appropriations bill that the UMTRA project in Moab will be funded at $45 million,” McGann said.

“I am happy and surprised. I was hoping for $42 million and then we got an extra three. It’s going to be an economic boost to our community because we’ll be able to hire more people to work out there. We will be going to more trains a week. It’s extremely good news.”

The UMTRA project aims to move 16 million tons of uranium tailings from the banks of the Colorado River north of Moab to a permanent disposal cell near Crescent Junction. The project is roughly 57 percent complete, according to the Grand County website.