Voters need to be heard


Without voter approval, the Grand County Board of Education is planning to borrow money by way of a bond to build a new middle school.

Because this bond wouldn’t be supported by the Grand County voters, the interest rate would be higher than if the voters would have approved it.

My understanding is this method of borrowing would cost Grand County taxpayers $900,000 or more in additional costs compared to a bond with voters’ support.

If you think taxation without representation is a bad idea, please contact your representative on the Board of Education, remind him or her that he or she represents you, and ask that this project be stopped until voters have had a chance to be heard.

You can find out who your representative is by calling Grand County School District at 259-5317.

This is written in my capacity as a private citizen and is not reflective of the opinion(s) of anyone else or any organization.

–Tom Lacy