What I love about Moab

Dear Moab,

Dancing with the Moab Stars has come and gone and, as far as I know, everybody enjoyed it. I was one of the people who represented their home country in the flag procession which was a blast! Of course I also stayed afterward to watch the incredible performances and to cheer for my favorite couple – so hard to decide this time!

A thought that kept popping into my head throughout the evening is how much this event represents what I love about Moab. The hard-working, dedicated, collaborating non-profits. The amazing talent and passion of the performers. The support from so many people through volunteering, money, or in-kind donations. And last but not least, the fact that people from different countries and different cultures come together and create an atmosphere of acceptance and joy.

Many other events are coming up over the next few weeks and months, as diverse as this community – Pride, Day of the Dead, Folk Festival, probably some sports events that I am ignorant of, Community Dinner, Street Fest…. Something for everybody. Considering the current political climate, the fact that our community can celebrate and enjoy diversity like this makes me happy and hopeful. Way to go Moab!

–Antje Rath