Local GOP should be careful what it wishes for


Watch out! You might get what you’re after (Talking Heads, from Stop Making Sense).

So hey, Curtis & Lynn, and the rest of you sheep-in-wolves-clothing change of government folks, thanks for paving the way for the continuation of progressive politics in Grand County.

A brilliant strategy as it turns out.

Though we may have been forced into giving up the best (by far) form of government in Utah, we are now assured that open-minded governance is likely to prevail. It’s kind of a shame that we didn’t default to your … dream of a three member commission form of government, where you would really have been forced to confront the reality of the local political landscape. That card remains on the table, however, so watch out.

For 30 years, all the majority of Grand County residents have wanted is fair elections based on merit rather than political affiliation or other irrelevant crap. You have now forced those considerations upon us. Jenny Wilson beat Mitt, the anointed one, in Grand County. Hello, endangered elephants – what do you think that means?

Unless McAdams prevails, our congressional delegation remains a very bad joke. I’m proud that Grand County continues to shine as a beacon of sanity in the Utah swamp.

See ya later, Gerry Mander. No more blatant cheating. But how is a dinosaur supposed to win without cheating?

And then we have San Juan County under the control of the actual majority of its citizens? We can hear heads exploding all the way up here. Way to go, voters!

–Steve Russell