Project Bike Tech begins at GCHS

Nov. 13 marks the start of a new semester and a new potential career path for Grand County High School students.

Project Bike Path is a new Career and Technical Education program at the school. Scott Newton of Poison Spider Bicycles is an instructor and the company is a sponsor. There will be three Poison Spider instructors who work one hour each day, five days a week.

The school is offering the one-credit course for the next two trimesters. Right now there are at least five kids signed up.

“This is going to be the first bike tech school in Moab, so this is the perfect place to launch the program,” Newton said. Project Bike Tech does have this program in other schools, but it’s a first for the state of Utah. Years ago, the school had a similar program, but it was discontinued.

Brian Fisher, deputy director of Project Bike Tech, said, “We work with high schools around the country to put bike mechanic classes into their curriculum and we help kids get the basics of bicycle mechanics education, as well as job preparation training.”