Sign the school bond petition


I was one of the people taking the petition around to get the new Middle School on the ballot. I think there is a lot of confusion surrounding this issue and I totally get that because it is confusing.

Here’s the way I understand it.

First, there was no bond election six years ago and the school board does not have all the money they need for the new school, they are going to borrow it directly from the bank. Six years ago they started taking the money out of the Capital Levy and saving it for a new school instead of spending it on maintenance of the middle school, which is actually what it was intended for.

That’s one of the main reasons our school is so dilapidated. I believe they have $5 or $6 million dollars saved up for a down payment out of the $27 million needed for the demolition and rebuild. Regardless of whether you want a new school or want to save the old one (which will also be expensive at this point), it’s still taxpayer money and we should get to have a say in whether or not we want to be committed for 25 years to that kind of debt. Please check my facts and call the school board.

And if you agree that we should have a voice in how our money is spent, please sign a petition to get this on the ballot.

Thanks for caring enough to read this letter!


–Susie Johnston