Wells clarifies comments; says story was politically motivated


In your recent article titled, “Council Rejects McGann, Wells Meddles in Tooele County Poltics,” there was an error made in the reporting of this discussion. In the article, the following quote was featured, “He said the council should find a resolution because it would be “messy if the issue were left up to voters.”

Not only is this a mistakingly paraphrased quote that lacks context and accuracy, but it also appears to be a politically motivated cheap shot. If you listen to the recording of the discussion my comments clearly articulated that it’s messy if we fail to effectively communicate to the voters who initiated the process. Reason being is that whichever group initiates the process will eventually have greater say in choosing our new form of government. I feel it is our obligation to communicate this clearly to voters as opposed to different factions of county government being pushed and pulled by political parties and special interests in a power struggle for control. Failure to understand this and mentioning of this issue as “regardless of how it got there, it is there” and that it is a “moot point” displays a clear lack of understanding and acknowledgment of the circumstance and the law. It is understandable for this confusion and/or misunderstanding to happen if you lack engagement in this matter as a council member and defer to political activists for your opinion.

Never have I said that leaving issues to Grand County’s voters is “messy.” To the citizens that were offended by this mis-quote, I understand. I encourage everyone to listen to the recordings of our meetings if you cannot attend in person. It’s always best to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, and not a filter that sometimes lacks accuracy and/or neutrality. Please feel free to contact me through the council office or at my county email for any additional questions on this issue or any others. I also invite everyone to discuss these issues with me at “Coffee with Curt” as well.

This letter is my own and is not a formal position of the Grand County Council.

­–Curtis Wells

Grand County Council, at-large