Acts of Kindness campaign underway at GCMS

Grand County Middle School students are participating in the nationwide 21 Days of Kindness Challenge. According to a statement from GCMS, students and staff will “embark on a kindness journey.”

The purpose, according to the district, is to empower students to “change their world with kindness.” Students, faculty, staff and others in the school community are asked to perform five acts of kindness every day for 21 days.

Counting only the 262 students who were enrolled as of Nov. 15, that’s a total of 1,301 acts of kindness per day and 27,510 for the month.

Here’s the plan, according to the school: “During the 21 Days Kindness Challenge, Grand County Middle School students will build kindness chains to represent their acts of kindness, look for acts of kindness, participate in fun kindness projects, and most of all, spread kindness.”