Bypass the bypass


Contrary to any claims made at the Nov. 8 Grand County Council meeting, I believe it is highly unlikely that Mr. Liss’ “visionary plan” for a new bridge and highway bypass will bring peace back to the Moab area; most certainly not to the folks who live along Kane Creek Boulevard.

Happily, I am also skeptical that this plan will receive the “universal local support” stated as being key to its implementation despite efforts to goad the council into action before it is “too late.”

I drive deliveries to Arches National Park and to many downtown stores every week throughout the tourist season, so I am very familiar with the traffic situation in town. I believe that the congestion problems can be largely mitigated, if not eliminated, by simply getting rid of the bottleneck at the north end of town and installing some left-turn arrows at the busiest intersections.

I suggest that the noise and disruption that would accompany the construction and daily operation of a massive, new “nonstop at 65 mph” highway roaring across the river and through the valley would far exceed that which results from the occasional traffic jam.

Let’s try to keep things in proportion and keep all of that dirty, noisy, downtown traffic right where it belongs: downtown.

–J.W. Saltsider