Police find domestic violence suspect hiding behind bed

By Carter Pape
The Times-Independent

According to an incident report from Moab City Police, officers responded to a call at roughly 4 a.m. on Jan. 3 about a case of domestic abuse and found the suspect behind a bed in a locked room “obviously attempting to hide” from police.

The victim in the case declined a no-contact order against the suspect, who she said was her boyfriend. According to police, the victim was determined to be at “low risk” of further domestic violence after completing a threat assessment worksheet.

Upon arriving at the home, police were told by the victim, who they found with a bloody nose, that her boyfriend had left the scene. She hesitated when police asked to search the house, but eventually acquiesced.

Police completed a search of all but one room, which was locked. One of the officers then found a key to the room above the doorframe. They found the suspect inside the room, lying face down behind the bed.

Upon searching the sus-pect, police found three make-shift pipes, one of which later tested positive for metham-phetamine, according to the police report. The suspect was later arrested for aggravated assault and taken to jail.

According to the report, one of the residents was awakened by the police’s search of the premises. The resident later went out to the porch, where police were questioning the suspect, to smoke.

The resident resisted officers’ requests to instead smoke in the backyard while they took the suspect’s statement, but he did eventually leave. In their report, police say the resident’s resistance to officers’ orders rose to a level that he was is-sued a warning for interfering with an investigation.