New vacation resort promises Moab greater economic activity

A mockup of a new timeshare vacation club resort being constructed north of downtown.
Illustration courtesy of WorldMark by Wyndham

Amid local irritation regarding overnight accommodations, new vacation properties continue to go up in and around Moab. Wyndham Destinations, a timeshare company headquartered in Florida, is among the corporations overseeing this new construction, and they say their project will be good for the local economy.

The city and Grand County passed temporary moratoria on new short-term housing developments earlier this month, but many developers like Wyndham are allowed to continue building their previously approved projects.

As such, Wyndham broke ground on a new timeshare property on Feb. 20. The company expects to complete by the end of 2020. Wyndham Destinations’ Director of Public Relations Steven Goldsmith told The Times-Independent that he believed the new resort would have a positive impact on the local economy.

“Timeshare resorts are economic engines for the communities where we have a presence,” Goldsmith said in a statement to The Times-Independent. “Because timeshare owners have prepaid for their accommodations, they have more money to spend while on vacation. Obviously all this consumer spending creates jobs in local economies.”

Representatives from Wyndham Destinations, Gardiner Properties, and Zwick Construction celebrate the groundbreaking of a future proposed WorldMark by Wyndham vacation club resort in Moab, Utah. The new resort is expected to open at the end of 2020.
Photo courtesy of Monique Samone Photography

The operative phrase for the new Wyndham property, which is being built just down the street from Atomic Grill north of downtown, is “vacation ownership.” It’s a term that Wyndham uses to describe its timeshare system and is used in the name of one of the company’s subsidiaries: Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc.

Members of WorldMark by Windham buy vacation credits that they can later use to book a vacation at various locations around North America and Asia-Pacific. WorldMark currently offers 92 different locations, including six in Utah; once the Moab resort is complete, it will be added to this list and start receiving visitors.

“Moab, Utah, is a spectacular destination for outdoor activities and we can’t wait to offer this new destination to our nearly 900,000 owners,” said Michael Brown, president and CEO of Wyndham Destinations. “We are confident that our ongoing collaboration with [project developer] Gardiner Properties will further strengthen our presence in this thriving region.”