Snow, ice cross check teams

Lacrosse players try to clear snow and ice from the Grand County High football field this past weekend, but were unable to do so. It is unknown if and when the regular season games will be rescheduled. This would have been the first time college-level lacrosse games were played in Moab.
Photo by Anthony Militano

Three collegiate lacrosse matches that were scheduled to be played in Moab over the weekend were cancelled due to excessive snow on the Grand County High School football field.

Last Friday, the Utah State University lacrosse team and the Fort Lewis Colorado squad tried to clear it away. Under chilly, overcast, flurry-filled skies, over 25 players used shovels, a wheelbarrow, and their feet to roll up mounds of sloppy snow and ice.

“We were supposed to play Fort Lewis tonight and we were told there was two to three inches of snow on the field,” said USU coach Scott Bingham. “So, we thought we could get it cleared in time, instead the two teams will clear it off this evening and we will move our game to tomorrow. At 12 noon we play Wyoming and we will play Fort Lewis at 6 p.m. tomorrow night. Wyoming and Fort Lewis will play on Sunday.”

Alas, Bingham’s forecast proved to be overly optimistic. Despite sunnier and warmer conditions on Saturday and Sunday, the field was still locked up with too much snow and ice. It is not known at this point in time when and where USU, Fort Lewis, or Wyoming will make up the matches, which were part of each team’s regular season schedule.