A wish for peaceful resolutions


I was saddened to see all the controversy surrounding personnel issues at my beloved Moonflower Community Co-op. These sorts of matters can be very tricky, to say the least, and are far beyond my ability to comment on. I wish peaceful resolutions for all involved.

I do want to say that I took great exception to the statement that “only rich, white people shop at Moonflower.” I have been a customer since I moved here in January of 2000, and I am very low income. Over the years, I have seen people of every variety shopping at the store, including homeless and formerly homeless people living on under $800 a month. I have also seen many people shop using their SNAP benefits, (once known as Food Stamps). I have found many of the prices at Moonflower are competitive with other grocery stores. And to help keep many prices low, the co-op instituted a Moonflower Basics Program which offers discounts for all shoppers on a variety of staples. I look for the yellow tags to find those items. They also carry many foods, oils, personal care products, and much more, in bulk.

Many of the employees have been there for years, and the manager works exceptionally hard to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I hope that whatever changes this controversy brings about are for the ultimate good of all involved.

Thank you Moonflower, for nourishing not only the body, but the soul.


–Sara Melnicoff