Moonflower to host series of healing, food classes

Moonflower Community Co-op will host a three-class series throughout March led by Emily Stock of the Moab company Sundial Medicinals. The classes will be held at the market from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

On Thursday, March 14 the topic is “Healing with Food,” dealing with how peopleprepare and eat it, and how food is the origin of health and daily rituals. Also on topic will be preparation and cooking methods that make foods more digestible and modulate both inflammation and blood sugar, the roots of many disease pathways. “We will also explore recipes that include adding herbs, mushrooms, seaweeds, spices and other medicinal agents into our foods,” said a press release from the co-op. “Come find out what kinds of foods might be best for your particular body, as well as crucial preparation methods that can turn our foods into medicine.”

Thursday, March 21 the topic will be “Organ Systems – Chinese Five Elements.” The ancient perspective on the five elements has a lot to lend in examining how body systems function. Unlike typical Western anatomical identifications, the five-element system is based on the form and function of each organ in addition to how those organs interact with other organs, and how aspects of people’s emotions and spirits interrelate. “In this class, we will cover all five elements, including ways to identify and balance them within the body. Students will leave with an understanding of their own elemental patterns, providing a fresh perspective on both physiology and emotions,” said the statement.

Thursday, March 28 the subject is “Spirit Systems – Chinese Five Elements.” This class will take a deep dive into the Taoist spirituality that resides within the Chinese Five Element model. “Each element (and organ system) houses a unique aspect of the spirit, and this aspect interacts with the others to make up who we are. From a healing perspective, it can be helpful to identify which aspects of the spirit are affected in order to find the road back to balance. Although it is not a prerequisite, students who take the Organ Systems class the previous week will leave this class with a further understanding and a more holistic perspective,” said the co-op’s announcement.