Moonflower’s Albina clarifies lard comment


In your article entitled “Moonflower draws criticism over recent firings,” The Times-Independent quoted Stephanie Hamborsky allegedly quoting me in her “aisle of lard” statement.

I was not given the opportunity to clarify this misquote, though the associate editor did agree that I should have been afforded that chance. I would like to clarify now.

At the Dec. 20 Moonflower board of directors’ meeting, the BOD reviewed owner survey questions related to the strategic planning process. The BOD discussed each question evaluating wording and intent. Ms. Hamborsky, then the outreach coordinator, participated in this process.

One question created by a board director asked about diversity and accessibility of Moonflower. Discussion ensued regarding reworking or deleting the question. Some felt it had leading assumptions and implications built into it.

During consideration, I explained how a large portion of the Latino and Mexican residents of Durango shopped at Albertsons, and that Albertsons catered to their purchasing preferences at the holidays by stocking one full side of an aisle with varying sized packages of lard, a fat widely used in traditional cooking by many Latino and Mexican cultures.

My explanation was not offered in a malicious or demeaning way. I was just sharing an example of a store catering to the needs of patrons, which is no different than stocking masala, phyllo or wasabi. My comment, which was made in good faith, was met with antagonism by Ms. Hamborsky. Then, distorted and out of context, it was presented to the public as a supposed quote.

I can only hope if I or anyone else ever has the misfortune of being taken out of context and warped by an ungenerous lens that the media will do its due diligence to verify the credibility of its sources.

– Julie K. Albina

Julie K. Albina is president of the Moonflower Community Co-op’s board of directors.

Julie K. Albina

Albina is president of the Moonflower Community Co-op’s board of directors.