Recycling information event planned for Monday, March 11

Kate Bailey, Policy and Research Director at Eco-Cycle in Boulder, meets with sustainability leaders from Russia as part of an international exchange program to share ideas on how to start recycling programs. Bailey will be one of the presenters at Monday’s recycling information event.
Photo courtesy of Kate Bailey

On Monday, March 11, the Grand County League of Women Voters will give a presentation at the Grand County Library overviewing topics related to recycling in Moab, including challenges that come with recycling in a rural place and how it all works.

The event will start at 5:15 p.m. and run for about an hour. It will feature speakers from local entities like Monument Waste Services, Grand County’s Solid Waste Management District and Eco Cycle, which is a recycling non-profit organization in Boulder, Colorado.

According to a press release from event organizers, topics of discussion at the event will include the costs associated with recycling and how they are offset by selling recyclable commodities, the impacts of single-stream recycling and how plastic can be turned into fuel.

Kate Bailey and one of her co-workers pose with bales of recycled materials ready to ship to market.
Photo courtesy of Kate Bailey

Members of the Moab City Council will be at the event to participate in the presentation and answer audience questions about the particulars of recycling here.

Also on the panel will be Grace Szczepaniak, a representative from Renewology, a company founded at MIT in 2011, “with the vision to be a technology leader in developing solutions to landfill-bound waste,” according to the company’s website.