Despite youth, lady golfers place 2nd out of 7

Weather takes a bite out of March 6 Moab tournament

Shaycee Renn putts on a chilly, windy day at the first tournament of the spring season held March 6.
Photo by Anthony Militano

The Lady Red Devils golf team took second place in the first golf tournament of the spring season on Wednesday, March 6 at the Moab Golf Club. San Juan, Richfield, Manti, South Sevier, Emery, and North Sanpete golfers also participated in the tournament.

Inclement weather was a factor. Biting wind, periods of rain, and grey on top of darker grey visibility affected athletes. The 10-stroke mercy rule was in effect. If a player didn’t strike the cup in 10 swings, she was allowed to pick up her ball.

The weather had a physical and psychological impact on the game, and even experienced Grand County players were observed very carefully and cautiously planning their shots due to the conditions.

Senior Joopy Bamrunmuang led the charge for Grand County High. She tied for first overall and shot an 87. Sophomore Shaycee Renn was the Lady Devils’ second top scorer with 105. Senior Jamie Day shot 110. Senior Annie Kopell had 111. Kopell, Day, Renn and Bamrunmuang were responsible for Grand County’s second place 413 score.

Sophomore Jenny Kopell took fifth place for Grand County with 134. Freshman Kaistin Oliver rounded out the Lady Devils’ scorecard and landed at sixth place with a score of 160.

Coach Matt Provart is new to Moab and he is the new girl’s golf coach. Provart said his team was “young,” but he was “honored” to be guiding the Lady Devils.

Two-thirds of the 10 Lady Devil golfers are freshmen or sophomores. On the day of the tournament, the Lady Devils faced off against several teams that had two to four times as many seniors.

Provart drove around in his cart on that nasty tournament day and offered his players snacks and drinks and jackets if they needed them. He pulled his cart over and helped an opposing player track down her ball in the rough. Provart was seen casting several ad hoc voodoo spells on the weather. He saw a squall coming off the cliffs and muttered: “stay south … stay south.”

The Lady Red Devils golf team was scheduled to be at Cove View in Richfield on Wednesday, March 13, after The Times-Independent went to press.