MIC to feature April talks on J.W. Powell, wildflowers

The Moab Information Center launches its annual lecture series in April.
Photo by Charles Bruce

The Moab Information Center begins its seasonal lecture series on April 11 with a talk by John Ninnemann titled “John Wesley Powell: Down the Great Unknown.”

In 1869 Civil War veteran Powell accomplished a daring feat no one else before him had survived; running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Much more than a publicity stunt, his river trips charted previously unknown territory, introduced the nation to regional Indian cultures, and generated questions people are still asking today about water management.

According to a press release from the MIC, this presentation “not only celebrates Powell’s fearless accomplishments 150 years ago, but also shows us how prophetic he was about one of the major issues facing the West today: our limited water supply.”

Photo Courtesy of National Park Service

Then on April 25, perennial favorite Joel Tuhy will speak on the topic: “Where Do All The Wildflowers Go?” Pictures will be shown of local wildflowers at their height of bloom. “We admire their colorfulness and profusion. But then they fade away, and likewise fade from our minds … until the next year, when we see and admire them again,” said Tuhy. “What happens to the flowers in that interim time? It’s that intervening span, between flowers fading in one year and seeing them again the next year, that will be our theme.”

The MIC is located at the corner of Center and Main Streets, and the lectures will begin on Thursdays at 6 p.m.