Moab Police get state-of-the-art radio upgrade

Officer safety and improved communications took a giant step forward when the Moab Police Department acquired state-of-the-art Motorola radios.
Photo courtesy of Bret Edge

Can you hear me now? The Moab Police Department has gone digital.

The department in February replaced its aging and outdated analog-only communications system with Motorola dual-band radios, according to Assistant Chief Bret Edge in an email. He said the system is now state of the art.

The radios will be installed in police vehicles and each officer will be provided a handheld device, said Edge.

Edge said the radios operate on an 800-megahertz digital signal that provides superior clarity and signal strength, which will improve communications and officer safety.

Edge said the analog system’s signal strength “was so poor that officers were unable to utilize their portable radios to communicate with each other or dispatch from within many area buildings, including the hospital, local schools and even the police department.”

Edge said the new system allows for “crystal clear communications” from just about anywhere, and that it is compatible statewide, meaning officers can communicate with officers and dispatchers in other Utah jurisdictions. It isn’t uncommon to ask for outside assistance given the large number of outdoor events Moab hosts each year, he said.