HMK students display research, experiments in annual science fair

Awardees in HMK’s annual science fair pose for a photo, some with checks for placing in third, second or first for their category. Names and project details are available below.
Photo by Carter Pape

Students in fourth through sixth grade participated in the annual HMK Elementary School science fair on Thursday, displaying prepared works ranging from experiments looking into the effectiveness of various hand soaps to research papers and posters on kids’ favorite animals.

The event was organized this year by second grade teacher Tamala Johnson and judged by Grand County High School students, local experts from various scientific fields and other community members.

Categories of project submissions included research, experiments and inventions, although no students submitted projects for the inventions category. Each student was asked to prepare a poster summarizing their work, and judges scored the projects to determine winners.

There were roughly 15 projects in the category of experiments, and roughly 30 in the category of research. 10 students won awards for first place through third place, plus honorable mentions. Students who placed third, second and first won checks for $20, $30 and $50, respectively.

Individual winners

Both first place winners in their categories were fourth graders, this year: Kaci Hamilton and Jaxith Windsor. Hamilton earned a perfect 25 points on the judges’ scoring rubric for her project, which discussed how oil drillers use horizontal drilling to yield greater extraction of fossil fuels.

Here is the complete table of awardees:

  1. First place winners:
    • Kaci Hamilton (fourth grade, Horizontal Anti-collision at 20,000 feet)
    • Jaxith Windsor (fourth grade, Soap vs. Soap)
  2. Second place winners:
    • Vivian Heimgartner (sixth grade, 5 Second Rule)
    • Chloe Byrd (fourth grade, Nutritional Value of Milk)
  3. Third place winners:
    • Oscar Niehaus (fourth grade, Autism Awareness)
    • Acel Hall (sixth grade, Sugar Gliders)
  4. Honorable mentions:
    • Jennifer Lewis (fourth grade, Tasmanian Devil)
    • Legacy Blake (sixth grade, Rich vs. Poor Sunscreen)
    • Natalie Winn (fourth grade, Tasmanian Tiger)
    • Noah Laprade (fourth grade, Importance of Recess and Recommendations to Improve Learning at HMK)

Note: The reporter for this story participated in HMK’s 2019 science fair as a judge for the research category.