Annual Planting of the Pinwheels is April 1 at County Courthouse

The annual Planting of the Pinwheels event, which is designed to bring awareness to child abuse in all of its forms, will take place Monday afternoon on the Grand County Courthouse lawn.
Courtesy photo

The Family Support Center will sponsor the annual Planting of the Pinwheels from 2 to 4 p.m., Monday, April 1 on the Grand County Courthouse lawn on Center Street, according to a statement from the center.

This annual event promotes awareness of child abuse in our community and will allow the victims of child abuse, the children of the community, to plant a pinwheel after school. While many pinwheels will be planted on Monday, the “pinwheel garden” will remain through the month of April – Child Abuse Awareness month, said Dick Toll.

Anyone who would like to plant a pinwheel later in the month can get them in the courthouse at the offices for the treasurer, recorder and the clerk. “As is traditional, there will be light refreshments available for your snacking pleasure,” said Toll.

As much as people may like to think it doesn’t happen here, child abuse is found in every community in the country and state, said Toll. Abuse can take many forms. Some are obvious, such as sexual abuse, but it can also be bullying, hazing, discrimination or shunning, said Toll.

A common result of many of these cases of abuse is children who lose hope or faith in his or her self-worth, said Toll.

“The results of that can be catastrophic for both the child and the local community. Too often this happens without parents or other adults even being aware. It is vital those parents and other adults be vigilant for signs of abuse and take necessary action to prevent any more tragedies in our communities and our neighborhoods. Everyone has a role in preventing child abuse,” Toll said.

This event is one in a series throughout the year sponsored by the Grand County Family Support Center @ The Christmas Box House to support Utah families. Family Support Center events provide safe, family-friendly activities to strengthen families in this community and raise awareness of the challenges faced by families today. “It’s important to take time out and spend time with your family,” said Toll.

“It has never been more important to prevent child abuse and the tragedies resulting from it than in today’s culture” said Toll. “If even one suspected case is reported to local authorities and the action is taken to help one child, the whole community of Moab will be grateful.”