Utah wildlife board has openings

Nominations to close April 15

Cougar populations, among all wildlife in Utah, are the subject of recommendations by a Regional Advisory Council which currently has openings.
Photo courtesy of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Folks who are interested in Utah’s wildlife and how species are managed may apply to serve on a Regional Advisory Council. Several positions will soon be opening on the five RACs that share public feedback with the Utah Wildlife Board. People can apply for one of the available RAC positions beginning March 16.

What the RACs do: Each RAC holds about six meetings a year. At the meetings, RAC members listen to proposals from Division of Wildlife Resources biologists about hunting, fishing and wildlife management in Utah. They also take input from the public about the proposals. For the southeastern Utah region, the open positions are classified as “sportsmen” and “non-consumptive” categories.

After voting on which proposals each RAC prefers, the chairperson for that RAC presents its recommendations to the Utah Wildlife Board. Members of the board consider the input, and then make the final decision regarding how wildlife is managed in Utah.

The RAC meetings usually last from three to five hours. The meetings are held in the evenings, usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night.

Applying to serve: RAC members represent one of six interests: hunters, anglers and trappers; those who don’t hunt or fish; ranchers and farmers; locally elected public officials; federal land-management agencies; and the rest of the public at large.

To fill one of the upcoming vacancies, you must live in the region of Utah you wish to represent. Here is how to apply:

If you want to represent the public at large, you must contact a group in your community and ask them to nominate you. Political groups, town councils, animal sanctuary committees and recreational groups are examples of groups that have nominated people in the past.

If you want to fill one of the other positions on the RAC—except for the federal land- management agency position—you must contact a conservation group or organization in your region and ask that they nominate you to serve in the vacancy you’d like to fill.

For example, if you want to fill a sportsman’s vacancy, you must contact a Utah sportsman’s group and ask them to nominate you for the vacancy. Federal land-management agencies appoint their own representatives to the RACs.

To learn about wildlife or conservation groups in your area, contact the nearest DWR office.

Nominations opened on March 16 and have to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on April 15. Visit the DWR website to submit nominations, once the nomination period has opened.