Rubicon wraps up Mill Creek project

Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization, has wrapped up their wildfire mitigation operations in Moab. The four-day project started March 22, when Team Rubicon volunteers aided in reducing fire risk along Mill Creek in preparation for wildfire seasons.

The organization’s 62 volunteers came from around Utah, Grand Junction and Durango. The volunteers logged 2,000 hours removing 144 trees and clearing 23,000 cubic yards of debris. The efforts of the team resulted in a volunteer labor impact and community cost savings of approximately $60,000, according to a press release from the organization. Team Rubicon performs its services at no cost to those affected, thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers.

“We’re honored to have served Moab and built lasting relationships with the community,” said Bob Toth, state administrator for Utah. “ Our volunteers worked very hard and made a large impact in the Mill Creek area. We’d especially like to thank Rim to Rim Restoration, the Grand County Sheriff, and the Moab Fire Department for their support and hospitality during this operation”

“Through a strong communications infrastructure supported by our cutting-edge technological solutions, Team Rubicon volunteers efficiently and effectively respond to natural disasters and help families return to their homes as soon as possible. By giving military veteran volunteers the opportunity to continue their service through disaster response, Team Rubicon provides them an avenue to gain a renewed sense of purpose, community, and identity,” stated a press release.