Audio: Full interview with Moab’s next city manager

Assistant City Manager Joel Linares will start his job as Moab’s city manager in August, following the departure of the man currently in the role, David Everitt. The T-I interviewed him about his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities facing the city.
Photo courtesy of the city of Moab

The Times-Independent sat down with Joel Linares, currently Moab’s assistant city manager, a few days before the city council approved his hiring to become the new city manager after David Everitt leaves the position in August.

A Q&A with Linares was published in this week’s print edition of the newspaper and is also available online. The full interview is available in audio format here:

Listen to the full audio interview between T-I reporter Carter Pape and Joel Linares, the next city manager for the city of Moab. This interview was recorded on Monday, April 8, before Linares’ hiring to become city manager was finalized by the city council.