Sticky fingers at Moab Post Office?


The intents of this letter are twofold: To warn the citizens of Moab that they can no longer trust in the integrity of their U.S. Post Office and to encourage the U.S. Post Office employees to amend what appears to be an internal mail theft problem.

The story is both simple and personal. Five cards mailed by myself in person to the mail slot within the Moab U.S. Post Office over the past six months. Two additional birthday cards mailed by my spouse never reaching their destinations. These were colorful envelopes with handwritten addresses, including return address.

We believe someone is targeting the theft of mail that might contain money. If our family alone has had seven items stolen we suspect this problem is far more widespread.

The sanctity of the U.S. Postal System remains important to all of us and should be protected. The offences are personal: holiday cards, birthday cards to grandchildren, children and friends. What could be more personal?

Please join us in boycotting the Moab U.S. Post Office until such time these federal offenses stop.

– Michael Quinn