Burglar steals bike from Poison Spider

Suspect at large but bicycle recovered

A still from security footage of a burglary on April 9 at Poison Spider Bicycles shows the burglar leaving the store with a $4,000 bike that was recovered minutes later by police. Video courtesy of Poison Spider Bicycles

One week after security footage captured a burglary at Poison Spider Bicycles, Moab Police said that they had not yet identified the suspect in the case.

According to shop owner Scott Newton, police drove past the store shortly after the break-in occurred but were not able to locate the suspect. Police later found the stolen bike leaning up against the Rustic Inn, according to Newton.

Newton said that he thought the burglar was unfamiliar with the bike shop, since he walked through the whole store before finding a bike near the back, where he entered. He said that, for the same reason, he thinks the burglar is not a local.

Moab Police released photos of the burglar, obtained from the surveillance footage. Video footage of the event is available here.

Moab Police Chief Jim Winder told The Times-Independent that he implores bicycle owners to note the serial number on their bike in case a theft takes place. “It is often difficult to reunite stolen or recovered bicycles because they have been repainted or otherwise modified,” Winder said. “The serial number is definitive proof of ownership.”