Top 25 honors at Stanford

Grand County High School teacher Allison Brown was honored April 6 at Stanford University in California alongside former student Robin Willscheidt who was the recipient of the prestigious J.E. Wallace Sterling Award for being in the top 25 students in her graduating class. In the center of the photograph is Michael Wilcox, a professor of archaeology at Stanford. Willscheidt, at right, selected Brown and Wilcox to accompany her at the ceremony, as they have been among Willscheidt’s most influential educators. About 1,700 students will graduate from Stanford on June 16. Brown spoke about being Willscheidt’s teacher, using a number of adjectives including the word “squeaky,” as she fondly recalled being her educator. Willscheidt plans to work in the fields of arts administration or cultural planning and then attend law school in the future.
Photo by Dr. Ved Chirayath