USPS: No ‘systemic mail issues in Moab’

The USPS recently told The Times-Independent that “nothing criminal” is going on with mail handling in Moab.Photo courtesy of Alexander Marks via Wikimedia Commons

After The Times-Independent published a letter to the editor April 11 titled “Sticky fingers at Moab Post Office?” the newspaper contacted the United States Postal Service to follow up on the writer’s claim that locals can “no longer trust in the integrity of their U.S. Post Office.” The letter was written by local resident Michael Quinn.

Quinn said that seven letters he and his wife mailed via the postal service never reached their destination and were never returned. He told The T-I that some of the letters that were lost contained money, leading him to believe “someone is targeting the theft of mail that might contain money,” as he said in his letter.

Brian Sperry, a corporate communications specialist for the United States Postal Service, said this to The T-I’s request for comment:

We are unaware of any systemic mail issues in Moab, however, we have asked the letter writer for specifics so we can properly explore his concerns. We encourage all customers to sign up for Informed Delivery. This free service allows customers to see images of their mail envelopes that are destined for their mailboxes.

Brian Sperry, USPS

David Rupert, acting manager of USPS’ western area corporate communications, said last week that he was aware of the letter published by The T-I. He said that “nothing criminal” is going on with mail delivery in Moab.

Informed Delivery enrollees can opt to receive emails from the postal service; these emails contain scans of letters that are arriving each day to the enrollee’s address, along with information about packages being delivered by USPS.

You can sign up for Informed Delivery on the USPS website.

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