City to launch back-in angle parking project

This illustration shows how to enter back-in parking. Similar to parallel parking, one must pull ahead of the spot then back into it. Graphic courtesy of the city of Moab

The City of Moab will install back-in angled parking on the west side of 100 South during the week of May 6*. As part of the pilot project – a first in the City of Moab – the current vehicle-nose-first parking stalls on both the north and south sides of 100 South will be re-striped for back-in parking, and signs explaining how to use the new parking configuration will be installed in those areas.

Back-in angled parking is similar to standard 45-degree parking, but instead of pulling forward into a space, drivers back into an angled stall.

City officials said studies have shown that back-in angled parking is safer, particularly for cyclists and pedestrians, according to a press release from the city.

“At first, the concept may seem counter-intuitive to some people. The reality is that with nose-first parking the driver has to back out into traffic with limited visibility, thus creating a hazard for pedestrians and bicyclists. With back-in angled parking the backing movement occurs first, and then leaving the parking stall with a forward-facing direction allows much greater vision by the driver of all types of traffic on the roadway,” said Moab City Engineer Chuck Williams. “The key to success for these new types of systems is for everyone to be patient and cooperative – motorized vehicle drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike.”

The city’s statement said back-in angled parking has multiple safety and operational benefits for all road users, including:

  • When leaving the space, drivers have an unobstructed view of traffic and can enter the traffic stream directly. This allows eye contact and verbal or non-verbal communication between exiting drivers and other users.
  • When vehicle doors are open, occupants are able to enter or exit the vehicle from the sidewalk without obstruction.
  • This type of parking positions the back of the vehicle to the sidewalk, enabling easier access to the trunk.

City staff and police will be on hand at 100 South on Tuesday, May 7* from 9 to 11 a.m. at the parking spaces in front of Zax restaurant to demonstrate how to use the new parking configuration and assist residents who would like to test out back-in angled parking.

For more information go to, call 435-259-5121, or email [email protected].

* Note: The dates printed in this story originally were incorrect. This has been corrected.