Farewell, Quincy Bierschied


I never thought I’d be writing one of these for someone so young. I just saw you several weeks ago at the courthouse. All of the others I have written about had lived a full life, but Quincy, my friend; you were taken in the prime of life.

I remember interviewing you for a job at County Roads. You came across as a brash young man not afraid of a little hard work or the occasional fun that came with it. While never afraid to speak your piece it often happened at very inopportune times, such as during training classes or when in contact with the public. Nothing seemed to embarrass you. You were such a confident young man. Life hadn’t had time to wear you down or take the edge off. Now it never will.

You always spoke your mind right, wrong or indifferent. I liked you as a person even when you made it hard to do so.

I hope your family and friends can take some solace from these words and others that they receive over the next few days and weeks. While unable to take your place or dry their tears, it is my belief that every little bit helps.

As the song says, only the good die young. Many happy trails, my young friend.

– David Vaughn
Castle Valley