Locals tell their missing mail stories

Residents have scrutinized the local postal service after experiences with mail going missing in transit. Photo by Carter Pape

After The Times-Independent published a story in its April 18 edition headlined “USPS: No ‘systemic mail issues in Moab’,” many residents publicly shared stories of mail going missing and never being recovered, including in two letters to the editor from Sue Allemand and Kathy Twitchell.

The newspaper shared some of these comments with the United States Postal Service and received a reply from the USPS Office of the Inspector General. That response, along with what readers can do if mail goes missing, is available online.

Here is a sampling of some of the comments that people emailed The T-I:

Once, when I filed a claim [with the local post office], it was taken seriously and I was interviewed, although my stolen mail was not recovered. […]

You cannot trust the Post Office, and it is a real shame. The new postmaster would do well to publicly acknowledge the crime spree, put a stop to it, and attempt to regain the public trust.

Eve Tallman

Most recently, at Christmas, I received notification (including a scanned image of the card) that my parents’ Christmas card to us was to arrive that same day and it never showed up. I filled out a lost mail form online and received several notifications since then that they were looking for it. I finally received word that they’d given up and apologized. […]

I’ve never had mail go missing so consistently anywhere else I’ve lived.

Erin Groves

In the 4.5 years that I lived in Moab, we had cards specifically go missing more than once. […]

With the number of complaints about the mail service in Moab, you would think after all this time USPS would have done an investigation.

ReBecca Hunt-Foster

I thought it was on the NY end that things were getting lost, but after the incident with my son not getting the card from Chicago I wondered if the mess-up was in Utah and maybe even Moab.

Andrea Brand

I mailed a birthday card to my grandson here in Moab to Clinton, Utah. He never received it. It had $50 in it! I called the local Post Office, but they were no help and said there was nothing that they could do.

Dianna Tangren

We have lost countless cards sending to my daughter in Moab. It’s completely untrustworthy. If it’s shaped like a card and could possibly contain money, it won’t make it to the recipient in Moab. We now only send checks, but they still don’t arrive if we send a card. Terrible.

Diana Mattuzzi of Fruita, Colorado