Man arrested driving on suspended license

A man was arrested over the weekend after police found that he was driving on a suspended driver’s license. Moab City Police stopped the man midday on April 18 after seeing that he was driving with a “badly cracked windshield,” according to a police report.

After pulling the man over, police found that the man’s license was suspended and that he had an outstanding warrant out of Beaver County, but that the warrant was only valid in adjacent counties.

An officer asked the man whether he was aware that his license was suspended, and he said that he was. He also told police that he was aware of the warrant and “volunteered” to an officer, according to the report, that he was going to Beaver County the next day to pay it.

The officer asked why he was driving on a suspended license, to which the man said he was “just stupid I guess,” according to the report.

Police asked the man to step out of his vehicle and told him that he was being arrested for driving on a suspended license. The man responded that he had been pulled over three other times recently for the same violation but had not been arrested.

Police allowed the man to make arrangements for his vehicle and dog to be picked up. According to the report, he was then taken into custody and transported to Grand County Jail without incident.