Man trespassed from bank after demanding refund

Zions was investigating possible fraud

A local man was told by Moab City Police not to return to the Moab branch of Zions Bank after causing a disturbance there on April 17, according to a city police report.

The report said the man went to the branch after issues with a wire transfer made by the bank. He told police that “the bank was taking a long time to get his money back to him,” according to the report.

Zions Bank Branch Manager Chantell Noyes told police that she had advised the man to come into the bank after the issue took place. Noyes told police that the man became disorderly after being told that the matter was under investigation by the bank’s fraud department.

The man “demanded that the bank return his money now and began yelling obscenities,” according to the report, and he was subsequently asked to leave.