No arrests after drunken altercation

Around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 21, police responded to a report of a fight in progress near a local bar. After police spoke with the involved parties, all agreed to not pursue any charges.

Police said in a report that when they arrived at the scene they saw three men standing over another man on the ground, attacking him. After turning on their red and blue lights, one of the men fled the scene, and the others walked toward a truck that was parked near the road.

The people told police that there was a verbal altercation as they were all leaving the bar. The man who had been on the ground when police arrived had thrown a bucket at the others, who were all in the truck at that point.

The man who had been driving the truck told police that, after the bucket hit the vehicle, he got out and pushed to the ground the man.

The man who had been pushed told police that he did not want to pursue assault charges against the others. Police told him there was enough evidence that he could.

A woman at the scene, who owned the truck, told police that she wanted to pursue a charge of assault against the man who threw the bucket at her car. Police then told the man who had been driving that he would also be charged with assault.

The man responded, saying he had merely pushed the other to the ground as he was running away. “I advised him that was assault,” an officer said in the report.

Police then told the involved parties that they were “either charging everyone or no one,” according to the report.

The man who threw the bucket told police that he did not want any charges filed at all. Police relayed this to the woman, who then changed her mind, saying she just wanted to “be done with the situation,” according to the report.