Postal thief in Moab


My thanks to Mr. Quinn for his letter about the ongoing postal theft in the Moab Post Office!

It is Monday, the day after Easter, and I have 15 Easter cards for my family and friends that I have not mailed because of the “postal thief.”

More than 90 years ago my father’s unwed sisters, “maiden aunts,” would mail a birthday card with a new one dollar bill in it to each of their many dozens of nieces and nephews. (One dollar was a lot of money in those days!) After they died I continued to mail cards to my children, foster children, grandchildren and now great grand children, but I do (or did) it for every holiday. Not this year because of the “postal thief!”

Last May I mailed a check to one grandchild for his graduation from a university with honors. The envelope never arrived, because of the “postal thief!” Can you imagine what fun it would be to room in the Honors Dorm and receive a Kiddie card with a crisp dollar bill in it and have to explain it to your nerdy roommates? Not any more because of the “postal thief!”

Several months ago I mailed birthday cards to my twin grandchildren for their birthdays, and because of the “postal thief” I addressed each envelope, enclosed the cards in a third envelope and sent it to my son, their father. It never arrived!

I have spoken with the Moab Post Mistress several times and she did write down my “complaint.” She even made a phone call while I was there! When I asked for a refund on the postage she told me they don’t refund postage and I couldn’t prove it wasn’t delivered. Do you want to see my checkbook for all the gift checks that HAVE NOT BEEN CASHED, because they have not been delivered!

On Sept. 17, 2018 when I went into the Moab Post Office she told me to call North East Postal Service, 877-876-2455. I did and was told that I should mail my outgoing mail registered. Do you know what that would cost me? All because of the “postal thief?”

On Oct. 15, 2018, I was told to call the Inspector General, 888-877-7644, and press 3 for employee misconduct. That was a waste of time! I have several confirmation numbers both by phone and internet that are useless! All because of the “postal thief.”

I asked if they could “chip” the mail they way you can chip a dog, to track the mail but was told, “No.” I have spoken with a mail delivery person who told me they had mailed a card to a family member up north, (northern Utah) and that card never arrived.

“Informed Delivery” might work for incoming mail but doesn’t help with the theft of outgoing mail.

– Sue Allemand