Thoughts on Easter, strawberries and cars

Now that Easter, and Jeep Safari week, have come and gone, it’s time to get down to the business of Spring in our little green valley. While perusing plants last week, I came upon one lonely strawberry plant. It soon became obvious why it was left by its lonesome in the flat: roots entwined (aka Sweet William’s rose and Barbara‘s thorny briar), it was growing with a healthy weed.

It’ll take some careful, almost surgical precision, to disunite these two. However, the strawberry plant is my favorite variety, Quinalt, and I have located the perfect spot just outside the back door for it to grow, and the days are right for Spring plantings.

And, since I was doing no other cooking for the Easter dinner and strawberries were begging to be bought at the market, I made shortcakes. You wash and hull the berries, then slice them up and add sugar, smashing it up just a bit.

Those little cakes they sell at the store for strawberry shortcake are okay, but the ones made with biscuit mix (or the easy recipe for biscuits found in any basic cookbook) are far superior. Especially if a little extra sugar and butter are added.

Bake’em up, slice them in half, and pile on the strawberries and whipped cream. Queen Elizabeth didn’t have such a wonderful dessert available in her time, I bet. But Queen Elizabeth II certainly does, just having had a 93rd birthday, and I hope she enjoyed this lovely treat following her Easter dinner, just as we did.

Car show coming up next weekend. I’m not much of a car buff, but Sam was. Every few years he came down with “new car flu.” He’d haunt the car lots until one struck his fancy, and come home beaming with pride over his latest acquisition.

I do the same over a hank of yarn or new discovery among spinning fiber choices, but that’s beside the point.

Car show is one of the premier people-watching affairs we have here in Moab. It’s mostly fathers and sons ogling these magnificent machines, but also some mothers and girls.

I invite them to come on down to Desert Thread, next door to the T-I. I tend to assume people know where the newspaper is on Center Street. Somebody at Desert Thread will help them find something to do with their hands during idle moments.

They have classes for all kinds of stuff coming, so ask about what’s up.