Visitor endorses Arches reservation system


I wanted to comment on your March 21 headline article, “Arches Reservation Plan Stalled.” I was just a tourist visiting your area and was disappointed to read this article.

I have a business background and can appreciate the importance small business has on the well being of a community. I’m also aware of the benefits of making decisions for the right reasons.

Your article identified sound reasons for limiting access to Arches due to traffic congestion diminishing the tourist experience, undermanned park staff and threatening the physical environment. An additional reality would be to protect your community of Moab from over heating with tourism.

This is a process that can be managed. You were moving in the right direction. To shift your focus from these commonsense principles to that of cash is a mistake. Too much attention is paid to cash as it is.

Protecting your community and providing a pleasant visitor experience will take care of your cash wishes of businesses for years to come. When your focus is simply money this will come back to bite you. Using the excuse of insufficient data is a delay tactic to avoid implementing any change.

Hopefully, your community leaders will not bow down to the influence of money, but rather encourage commonsense value.

– Rick Walsh
Red Deer, Canada