Wingate Village, potential fee waivers advance

A pair of public hearings, one on a planned unit development and the other a proposal to waive fees for affordable housing projects, government entities and developments with a “broad public purpose,” were held without any public input April 16.

No residents spoke for or against Wingate Village, a proposed planned unit development at 3318 S. Willow Tree Road.

The 33-lot subdivision will feature 20 two-story townhomes and 13 single-family residences on 4.12 acres, according to Kenny Gordon, Grand County Planning & Zoning administrator.

The development will extend Willow Tree Road and create two more streets.

Ben Riley of the Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah said setbacks would be reduced to 10 feet due to the oddly shaped parcel and a desire to build more homes.

Consolidated Fees

Kaitlin Myers, Community and Economic Development specialist for the county, said staff “fully favors making this change” to the fee schedule as a means to cut costs for affordable housing developments.

She said it was “pretty common” for government entities to waive such fees, saying they were the “low-hanging fruit” to pick in support of affordable housing.

Myers also suggested that approving the amendments would give council members the discretion to waive fees, something the Housing Authority’s Riley said he supports.

Citizens have until May 1 to submit comments before the public hearings close.