YGP plant sale April 27, May 4

The 1.5-acre Youth Garden Project will hold its annual sale on successive Saturdays, April 27 and May 4. Courtesy photo

The Youth Garden Project’s annual plant sale runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 27 and May 4, also a Saturday, according to Abby Meyer.

YGP will sell organically grown plant starts for gardens, including tomatoes, peppers, herbs, brassicas, cucumbers, flowers, squashes, melons and more. In addition to vegetable starts, YGP partners with Wildland Scapes and Canyon Nursery to provide cool season veggies, native plants, perennials, fruit trees, ground covers and other low-water plants for landscaping and gardening at the sale, said Meyer in her email.

“Stop by the Youth Garden Project at 530 South 400 East, right off the bike path by the high school … to pick up your plant starts, ask for gardening advice, or just say hello and see our farm in full bloom,” said Meyer.