How local government ruined our community


For starters, you have an illegal number of people sitting on our city council. It is supposed to be three people max and you have seven, so anything you pass should be illegal, as well.

And for those of you putting a plastic bag ban into effect is ridiculous. If you people want to live that way you need to stop dictating how of rest of the community should live. You need to take care of yourselves and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing or not doing.

Stop telling everyone to live like you; it doesn’t work that way. How about trying to make recycling mandatory? How did that work out for you? You people created this mess, you can’t handle the noise so you lowered the speed limits around town look around and look in the mirror you are the ones that created this now live with it.

I was born and raised in this town and to see how our local government has ruined it is a big shame. You want us to buy locally. We don’t have any shopping to speak of. I don’t want to buy tourist clothing, or anything else touristy. That’s all that’s here.

We are being ripped off so bad, every time a new motel opens our property taxes go up. From where I stand you are trying to price the locals right out of here and just bring in the rich people to live. As our local government you don’t care about the people who live in this community. It is all about bringing in the rich.

I had a customer who was telling me he and his wife thought about retiring here and I told him I didn’t recommend it because the wages don’t meet the cost of living, among other things, and when I talk to people that might be thinking about moving here I let them know straight up how expensive it is here along with everything else, including living conditions here, how everything is B&Bs and motels and the businesses can’t even fill the job openings.

It’s mighty funny when the Jeeps come into town how all of the law enforcement disappears. I didn’t see any cops out and about the whole time, but when car show gets here it’s amazing how the cops just reappear out of nowhere. Since we don’t have enough manpower for Jeep Safari and traffic control for the intersections during this time all of a sudden we have cops everywhere, just to wreak havoc on all of those hot rods, God forbid if they lay a little rubber and have fun doing it, it only happens once a year.

Once again none of you can stand to enjoy a little fun. This car show is my most favorite event of the year. I watched the traffic on Sunday and it took four hours and 45 minutes for people to get out of town. That is totally ridiculous, if you, talking about our government like trying to move around in a sardine can then move out of here to a big city, you seem to like all of those people.

Stop advertising Moab. If you didn’t like Moab when you got here than you should have just gone back to where you came from, because apparently you didn’t like where you come from and now you have turned us into what you left behind.

– Kerrie Bertwell
Grand County