Man arrested after entering house, violating restraining order

A local man was arrested Saturday, April 27, after the previous day he allegedly violated a restraining order that his wife had filed against him.

The couple’s daughter told police that she was in the house doing homework just after midnight on April 26 when the man came in and kept asking with whom the girl’s mother was intimately involved.

The daughter told police that the man was holding a nearly empty bottle of wine and that he said, “If I’m going to jail I might as well go in style.”

The daughter said that the man grabbed a sign that he said the wife stole from him. He then started looking for a gift he said he bought her.

As the man left, he told the daughter to lock the doors and close the garage. According to the daughter, he then returned through the garage, looked around the house again then left.

The woman told police that she was at a friend’s house that night and that the man was able to enter the house because the back door to the home is always unlocked. Police advised her to lock her doors and to do her best not to leave her children unattended at night.

Police were unable to locate the man later on April 26, and an officer said in his report that “it is apparent to me that [the man] is aware that law enforcement is looking for him and that he is concealing himself from us.”

The woman contacted police on April 27, saying that the man was at his parents’ house. When police found him there, he acknowledged to the officers that he was not allowed at his wife’s house due to the restraining order and was then taken under arrest.