Man arrested after squaring off against Moab police officer

Around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 27, a man was arrested after he reportedly struck a customer at a local resturant and then took a “fighting/aggressive stance/posture” when confronted by Moab City police, according to a police report.

Restaurant staff told police that the man, who was arrested for intoxication and disorderly conduct, had caused an altercation with another customer, who he allegedly struck. After restaurant staff asked the man to leave, he made “derogatory statements” to the manager and staff, according to the report.

The man left after law enforcement was contacted. When police found the man, they immediately placed him in handcuffs due to his aggressive response to officers. After searching the man, police found THC wax and marijuana packaging.

After being transported to jail, the man “turned and took a fighting stance, getting inches from [an officer’s] face,” according to the police report. Police said they forced him over a bench to gain control, and he eventually stopped resisting.