Torgerson: Truck driver stereotypes ‘unfair’

Police officials address public safety concerns

Bryan Torgerson, a Resource Specialist for the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, responded to comments from residents at a San Juan County meeting on April 3 who expressed fears about human trafficking, prostitution and drug dealing that they said would take place at a Love’s travel stop planned for Spanish Valley.

“I truly believe it is unfair when people stereotype all truck drivers as drug addicts and human traffickers just to stir up fear to prevent development,” Torgerson said in an announcement from SITLA. “Most semi-truck drivers are good and hardworking people who are just trying to make an honest living by delivering products we all consume on a daily basis.”

Public safety officials, including San Juan County Sheriff Chief Deputy Alan Freestone, also addressed residents’ concerns with a tempering tone.

“I don’t believe that the human trafficking and drug dealing will be nearly as big of a problem as people have it made out to be,” Freestone said. “Nonetheless, we have special task forces to take on and address such law enforcement issues and we are happy to do our part to keep all crime in San Juan County to an absolute minimum.”