Maryboy looking to pause commercial development along 191 in Spanish Valley

Unclear whether Love’s would be affected

The red area on this map is the highway commercial zone, where San Juan County Commissioner Kenneth Maryboy wants to temporarily halt commercial development.
Graphic courtesy of Landmark Design

San Juan County Commissioner Kenneth Maryboy proposed a resolution to halt commercial development along Highway 191 in Spanish Valley for up to six months. The resolution will be reviewed during a meeting Tuesday morning, May 7.

Maryboy told The Times-Independent that the intent of the resolution is to give people in Spanish Valley a chance to provide feedback about commercial planning and zoning that is proposed for the highway corridor as part of a land use overhaul prepared by Landmark Design.

“The county should be listening to people firsthand,” Maryboy said about his proposed resolution.

The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration owns a parcel of land in the highway commercial zone where a Love’s Travel Stop is planned. It is unclear whether state code enables the San Juan County Commission to prevent or delay the development on the parcel.

The Times-Independent was unable to reach Bryan Torgerson, SITLA’s representative for southeastern Utah, for comment Monday afternoon.

Elise Erler, a SITLA official who has been working with Love’s, deferred to San Juan County planning staff for questions about whether the resolution would affect development plans for the truck stop. The Times-Independent was unable to reach San Juan County planning staff Monday afternoon for comment.

Look out for more on this development in our May 9 edition.