Residents, staff disrespects SJC’s new commissioners


I attended the San Juan County Commission meeting on May 7 as a resident of Pack Creek in northern San Juan County.

I was appalled at the lack of respect and open hostility shown toward the two new county commissioners, Chairman Kenneth Maryboy and Commissioner Willie Grayeyes. They frequently were rudely interrupted by shouts from the audience, as well as very inappropriately interrogated during the public comment period as to why they did not attend a recent training.

It was also apparent that there is a critical breakdown in communication with county staff members, which impairs the commissioners’ work. A moratorium on building in Spanish Valley could not be adopted because the wording needed to be in the form of an ordinance and not a resolution.

This was frustrating to both Chairman Maryboy and moratorium supporters. Why were they not advised of the proper procedure prior to the meeting? As our publicly elected officials they require the support and cooperation of their county staff to properly do their job and they deserve respect during meetings.

It is shameful for all citizens in San Juan County that the commissioners meeting cannot be conducted with civility regardless of one’s political persuasion. The commissioners, by contrast, conduct themselves with great dignity and admirable forbearance. For the first time citizens of northern San Juan County feel that they are being heard in their local government.

Carolyn Dailey
San Juan County