Two arrested for mutually violating restraining orders

Marijuana offenses also charged

Moab police arrested a couple Friday evening after each allegedly violated restraining orders each filed on the other.

The girlfriend in the case was wanted by police for being the primary suspect in a theft from earlier that day. The victim in the theft and the person who reported it told police that the girlfriend was waiting to be picked up by her boyfriend at a nearby restaurant.

While police were talking to the victim and another person, one of them pointed out a car they believed to belong to the boyfriend. Police then pulled over the car, which stopped in a parking lot near the restaurant.

While police were talking with the boyfriend, the girlfriend walked up. Soon after, police dispatchers advised the officers that the girlfriend was the victim in a protective order against the boyfriend, so they arrested the boyfriend.

Soon after that arrest, police ran information on the girlfriend and found that the boyfriend also had a protective order against her, so they arrested her.

After being separated, the boyfriend and girlfriend each told police that there was marijuana in the car the boyfriend had been driving, and each claimed possession of the substance and accompanying paraphernalia.

Police said they then searched the car, found the marijuana and paraphernalia and added possession charges to each of the arrestee’s citations.