Car damaged in drunken hit-and-run incidents

Around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7, a drunk driver allegedly struck a car from behind as it was waiting to make a left turn onto 100 South from Main Street.

A breathalyzer test taken two hours after the incident showed that the driver had a breath alcohol content, which is roughly the same as blood alcohol content, of .209.

Around the time of the incident, an officer said he saw a car, later discovered to be driven by the impaired driver, make a U-turn “in the wrong two lanes, cutting multiple cars off, squealing the tires and nearly hitting the curb,” at the intersection of Main Street and 100 South.

The driver whose car was struck told police that he got out of his car after it was hit to confront the other driver. He said that the driver did not respond to him as he spoke to her and that she soon drove away from the scene.

Officers soon found the suspect at her house in town and, after running sobriety tests, arrested her for driving under the influence.

According to medical experts, serious impairment of motor control, blurred vision and major loss of balance take effect at a BAC of 0.13. In Utah, persons are legally considered intoxicated at a BAC of 0.05.