Edward Dean Stephens, 1938-2019

Edward Dean Stephens passed away from cancer on May 9, 2019 in Moab, Utah. He was born on Nov. 17, 1938 to Naomi Jane Baxter and Wilbur Scott Stephens. He was their sixth child. He was born in the Iowa City County hospital. There was only one county hospital in the state of Iowa at the time.

Edward married Beverly Garner on April 9, 1960. She had two children and they had four more together.

They divorced but were lifelong friends. When Ed retired at 65 he moved to Oregon and lived with Beverly and her husband, Mike Holdorf in Lebanon, Oregon until they retired in 2004 to travel in their motor home.

When Mike passed away in 2014 he came to Utah to help Beverly.

He left behind Ronald Garner (Kim and two children), Deana Garner and two children, Donna Kibler and three children, Diane Kingery and three children, Debra Myers and four children, Russell Stephens (Audrey and three children); 17 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. He also leaves behind his best friend Beverly Holdorf.

He will be missed by all he left behind. God bless him. There will be a memorial in Albany, Oregon at a future date.