Employee living in tent behind restaurant reports assault

Saturday morning, May 11, a woman reported to police that she was assaulted by a man with whom she said she had been intimate in the past. Police arrested the man for domestic violence.

The woman told police that she was sleeping in a tent, which she said she shares with the man, when he came and told her to get out. The tent was located behind a fast food restaurant in Moab, where both are employees.

The woman told the man to go to work because it was close to the start of his scheduled shift. The man allegedly grabbed her and started shaking her, telling her to get out of the tent. He then reportedly started throwing items and taking the tent down.

The man then allegedly told her to give him his phone, which she told him she did not have. The woman said he then threw her to the ground. The woman told police the man put his hands around her neck and applied pressure, though it did not prevent her from breathing.

After the incident, the woman agreed to fill out a Lethality Assessment Protocol Form the officers provided and the results showed she faced a “high risk” of intimate partner violence. According to the police report, Four Corners Health and Seekhaven helped the woman find a safe place to stay for the night.

The man and woman both said their manager allowed them to pitch their tent behind the eatery. Police contacted the manager and advised him that Moab City ordinances do not permit people to camp in such areas.

Police also told the manager that the woman requested a no-contact order against the man, which could potentially create problems, since they are both employed at the same restaurant.