2017 mail theft probe ended ‘unresolved’

Prior investigations were ‘potentially compromised’

The Moab Post Office was the subject of a 2017 investigation of alleged mail theft.
Photo by Carter Pape

In 2017, the United States Postal Service Office of the Inspector General conducted an unresolved investigation into allegations of mail theft at the Moab Post Office. An employee was removed during the investigation, but for conduct unrelated to the investigation.

According to a summary of the 2017 investigation, “The Salt Lake City OIG office has conducted several investigations into mail theft regarding the Moab post office over the past several years and has never been able to identify a suspect.”

The summary also notes that previous investigations were “potentially compromised” when investigating agents “coordinated with the postmaster, and when checking into local hotels.”

The summary was provided to The Times-Independent after it made a Freedom of Information Act request. The report was written by a special agent who oversaw the investigation.

A Postal Service employee who was a focus of the 2017 investigation was removed for “conduct unrelated to the investigation,” according to the report. The employee apparently worked for the Moab Post Office.

As reported in the case summary, some kind of issuance was made either to the employee or others in April 2017. In the months following that issuance, the Inspector General received no more complaints of mail theft, and as a result, the case was “closed unresolved” in February 2018.

“[Special Agent] (redacted) will keep all complaints in a file in case the thefts start back up,” the report notes.

As part of the investigation, agents mailed items to Moab and from the Moab Post Office to see whether they arrived; in all cases, they were delivered.